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Awareness of Plasma donation is boon for treating COVID 19 patients


Plasma therapy has become a boon for treating patients suffering from the deadly COVID 19. The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has given permission to treat people infected with Coronavirus with plasma therapy in July. As the vaccine for the deadly COVID virus is still under trials in many countries across the world the doctors have found that plasma therapy is the right way to treat the patients infected with Coronavirus. The plasma of people, who have recovered from Coronavirus, can be used to treat patients suffering from the COVID virus.

To give a fresh lease of life to COVID infected patients, recovered patients from the virus can donate their plasma thrice with two months. The ICMR has given permission to treat Corona infected patients through plasma therapy. By treating the people suffering from COVID infection with plasma therapy, the patient develops antibodies that will fight against the deadly COVID infection

Speaking to Hello Vizag, Dr. Ch Prabhakar Reddy Special Officer for COVID Command Control in the AP state, said COVID cure patients between the age group of 18 and 50 years should come forward and donate their plasma to treat the patients infected with Coronavirus. The COVID winner can donate plasma thrice in two months after making a complete recovery from the infection.

He appealed to the COVID winners to feel it as a responsibility to come forward to donate plasma and save the lives of others suffering from the infection. BVS Kumar, Red Cross State Blood Bank Committee member, said that all the Red Cross Blood Banks across the State are being transformed into Plasma Collection Centres to help the COVID patients through plasma therapy. He said they are in the process of collecting the data of patients, who made a complete recovery from Coronavirus. Plasma will be collected from them to treat COVID patients that enable fast recovery from the infection.

To connect with plasma donors in India, Rajini, an NRI along with Santhosh Shan, based in the US had created the “Covid-19 Plasma Donor-recipient Help India Group. She said the journey of saving lives actually began in the US in March serving 60+ patients’ plasma requests for the US patients alone. After looking at the COVID situation in Delhi, they extended help through the Facebook page. Currently, they have 12,000 members on their platform.

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