Awareness programme on covid-19 infection preventive measures

Awareness programme on covid-19 infection preventive measures

Waltair Division has launched a week long Coronavirus awareness campaign from 1st July to 7th July-2020, aimed at stalling the fast-expanding virus in the country.

For the information of passengers, posters have been displayed at prominent places at the railway stations on the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Apart from cleaning drives at railway stations of the places which frequently come in contact with the travelling public, areas such as entrance handrails in coaches, door handles latch, toilet health faucets, water taps etc are being cleaned frequently.

Masks, gloves, face shields and hand sanitizers provided to the staff who will be in direct contact with the travelling public and working in offices. Staff and workers were frequently advised on the spread of the virus and preventive measures. Week long drive, at this juncture, intensified to create awareness among the working staff about to follow do’s and don’ts to prevent and slowdown the transmission.

Awareness programme on covid-19 infection preventive measures

Addressing the staff and officers Divisional Railway Manager Chetan Kumar Shrivastava said that we are in the mid way to fight against the pandemic Corona virus infection, the best way to prevent the spread or cut down the chain is adopting hand hygiene, maintaining respiratory hygiene, wearing masks, observing physical distancing, adopting healthy habits to improve immunity of individuals, stay alert for any signs of illness.

He advised all the staff to be more cautious and have checkup at Divisional Railway Hospital in any case of signs of illness. Assistant Chief Medical Superintendent Dr Laxman Rao demonstrated the precautions measures to be followed and how to adopt hand hygiene. Divisional Railway Manager, Chetan Kumar Shrivastava released posters and pamphlets on Do’s and Don’ts to prevent Corona infection in august presence of both the ADRMs Akshay Saxena and P. Ramanachandra Rao.


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