Backpacked to backup a cause – Amit Jain


Amit Jain is on a 6 months backpack tour to look out for the enthusiastic women entrepreneurs and provide them with a platform to sell their product, through a wide network.

Presently there are many women entrepreneurs who are striving hard in different parts of the country to create an identity and leave a mark of their own and that’s when ‘Mitti ke rang’ a social venture comes into the picture.

Amit Jain, founder of Mitti Ke rang hails from Bhusawal, Maharashtra and he is working towards empowering single women and widows. The reason for his goal comes from a personal space as he has been brought up by a single mother and whatever he is today it is all because of his family, close ones who were there for him during that time. He feels it is time to give back to society and with this motive, he started ‘Mitti ke rang’ in Pune and now it has branches in other 9 countries like Spain, Zambia, Pakistan, Kenya. The venture provides an opportunity to single women and widows who needn’t depend anymore on anyone for their financial security as they are employed in making cloth bags and recycled tea light candles
For him, travel has always been a passion and it was last year that he quit his job in Bank of Newyork, since then he is focusing completely on the social venture.

With the purpose to empower the women, he is on a backpacking tour, which started from Mumbai on November 8 and is on a plan to cover the massive stretch from Mumbai to Kanyakumari and from there to Arunachal Pradesh and then back to Mumbai. He says “It is a 6 months backpack journey where I’m meeting and on a lookout for the women entrepreneurs who are either marketer or manufacturer and through the wide network we are enabling the women to sell their products.” For now, he has visited 38 cities in 99 days and it is quite surprising that all his expenses are covered in 11,200 Rs. He says “This entire thing is being possible as my colleagues from the previous companies are supporting and helping me till their limits possible.”
Passing all the cities, towns, and villages that excites him is the diverse culture and people. “When we are in a bubble, we aren’t aware of our surroundings but travel is something that allows one to explore within oneself and outside. This backpack journey has been exciting as it allowed me to meet some humble human beings and see the world through the eyes of people,” says Amit.

Till now he met the local women and the aspiring women entrepreneurs whom he is interviewing and providing awareness about entrepreneurship.
“I met a woman in Hampi who is from Belgium and currently staying in the interior location of Hampi where she is enabling other women to make and sell the products,” he said.

For now, he just plans to meet more women entrepreneurs as his future plan is to organize an event where more than 20 cities women entrepreneurs can meet up and also Mitti ke rang future plans are to make and sell 1 million recycled tea light candles which will be sold in various platforms like Amazon and anyone can buy them.


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