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Balancing your mental health is the need of the hour; says Dr Bhavani Yadav, District clinical psychologist


In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are experiencing fear, tension, sadness and distress. When there is an unexpected stressful situation, it could lead to emotional and behavioural disturbance, opine experts.

In such a case, counselling plays a prominent role to provide psychological support which helps to regularise thoughts and emotions of the individual. It also helps to enhance positive thinking and regularise / balancing emotions. Dr Bhavani Yadav, District clinical psychologist, DMHP Visakhapatnam, shares a few steps to minimize distress.

1. Awareness: Do not panic, try to educate yourself regarding the current situation and follow preventive measures like using sanitizers, masks, social distancing, personal hygiene.

2.Understanding self: Educate yourself about your inner emotional reaction to the current situation and negative behavioural consequences.

3.Rationalize thoughts: Will our over thinking about the current situation change the situation? If not, what is better option to overcome this distress? Alternate your negative thought process with positive thinking pattern and be optimistic.

4.Regularise your emotions: Our negative emotions not only disturb our regular functioning but also negatively effects our relations. The physiological system is also impacted and you may experience palpitation, headache, breathlessness which weakens your immunity. Hence always keep yourself calm and happy.

5. Practice meditation: Regular meditation helps to balance your emotions. Give importance to your personal care and practice meditation every day for 15 minutes.

6.Engage in activities: Do gardening, help your family members, plan for time management. Make short term and long-term goals and try to work on it.

7. Do Regular Physical activity: Walking / Yoga not only helps you to be physically active and fit but also helps to improve your blood circulation.

8. Follow quality food intake which consists of protein, multivitamins, minerals, like eggs, sprouts, milk, fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables as well plenty of water intake.

9.Make sure that 8 hours sleep is mandatory in your regular sleep pattern. This helps to provide relaxation to your brain as well as balances your immunie system.

10: Take some break and spend your quality time by doing your favourite tasks like listening music / playing indoor games / painting / Reading good books / creative work / learning some skills.

11. Do not spend more time on social media and gadgets.

12. Develop resilience: It helps us to balance in stressful situations and also protects from mental health issues.

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