Battled COVID-19 like a warrior


At a time when COVID-19 has instilled fear, anxiety, panic and depression among people, there are a few exceptional people who are instilling a ray of hope during this crisis.

One among them is Akhil Ennamsetty, who has battled COVID-19 like a warrior. The COVID-19 warrior shares his experience and how he dealt with it.

This 24-year-old from Warangal is pursuing his higher education in University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was also selected for the Clinton’s global initiative this year.

Akhil returned to Hyderabad from UK on March 19. Due to travel history, he was worried about the spread of the virus, hence decided to go to the hospital and get himself tested immediately after landing at the airport. His reports stated that he was tested positive. However, he did not panic and ensured that his family and friends also do not panic.

In an interview with Akhil, there were a few interesting points that he shared. A few of them are as follows:

What is the most significant lesson that you have learnt from Covid-19?
This kind of situation teaches an individual not to take life for granted. Life can take an unexpected turn at any moment, so be prepared for it. We should be strong enough to tackle any situation and should never give up. This journey of mine has instilled confidence in me to fight anything.

Can you share your experience in fighting this virus?
Since there is no definitive drug to cure this virus currently, we should completely rely on our body’s immunity and mental well-being. When you are super strong at your mind and doing your best to keep your body physically strong, there’s almost no chance that this virus can take over you.

How important do you think is the role of the family in this situation?
The support of family and friends is very crucial to fight against a health crisis. They help you in being strong mentally and physically. It’s not an easy task to stay strong in an isolated ward without the support of a family. Most importantly, my family did not panic and have tremendously supported me in this aspect.

What do you think about the impact on environment from this break?
We took nature for granted. It seems now that the nature is rejuvenating with all the species claiming their stake on it. I hope we all learn a hard lesson that if we exploit nature, it’s going to take its revenge. People have to change their perspective with the way they look at the environment. This break has opened doors for nature to heal itself.

Comment on India’s lifestyle to attain a cleaner India?
This storm is teaching us many lessons. We need to make a lot of lifestyle and behavioral changes. We must understand that staying hygienic is not a temporary habit; hence it should be made as a part of our everyday routine. A few lifestyle changes like not spitting on the road, covering your nose/mouth while sneezing, coughing, etc. will help in attaining cleaner India.

What is your message to the people?
This is a global pubic health emergency. Everyone should take this seriously and only if we behave responsibly, we can combat this virus. The best possible way is to break the chain which is directly related to social distancing. So, I request everyone to follow social distancing, eat nutritious food to build your immunity and stay positive. Remember, half of the problem is solved when we are mentally healthy. Together, WE CAN.

Akhil is setting an inspiration for many as he hopes to save lives by donating his blood plasma for treating other patients. He has already been contacted and has given his consent for plasma donation. Despite the misconceptions of donating blood, he wants to set an example. Akhil along with his friend Stephen Anurag from Vizag have started a platform to counsel students and address queries related to COVID-19. They will soon open an online portal where people can post questions and they will answer them.

By Bhavesh Jain


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