Beaches of Vizag getting grubby

Vizag is known for its beautiful beaches and it has a special place within the hearts of city dwellers as well as the tourists. It has a vibe that makes everything feel fine but as the days are passing by it is getting grubby day by day. Filled with Plastic, covers, broken alcohol bottles and last but not the least sewage water.
Though dustbins are put everywhere and the workers try their best to keep the beach clean still with days the beaches are getting dirtier. Garlands, plastic, carcasses washed ashore.
Now it is like tip-toeing to not get hurt by the broken pieces of the bottle and also ensuring that dirt doesn’t stick onto the feet. Some of the beaches that have of late turned mucky are Lawson’s bay beach, Totlakonda beach, beach near Novotel and many others. It is an eyesore for the crowd. Not just the vizagites but even the tourists have complained about the state of beaches. Deepsri, a school student says “It is sad that people throw the covers just like that due to it many aquatic lives have been claimed.”
Free flow of sewage into the water has been a concern raised by many citizens as with no proper sewage water treatment, some of the beaches are becoming dirty and having a foul smell. Lawson’s Bay beach has been a great example as the beach seems to lose its attraction and with this reason, Waterman of India Rajendra Singh and Bolisetty Satyanarayana, JB’s national convener Bolisetty Satyanarayana, members of Jal Biradari have decided to protest at beach with a purpose to bring in the notice of State government about the better treatment of sewage plant as the flow of untreated sewage water is quite harmful for the aquatic animals and in return, it can become an adverse situation for us.


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