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Bellupada hillock in Ichchapuram crying for attention


A mini-Kailasagiri on a hillock at Bellupada in Ichchapuram district is lying in a state of neglect. Tough, a proposal to develop the mini-kailasagiri at a cost of Rs.1.9 crore, twice in the last three years, was mooted, it has not yet seen the light of the day.

In an attempt to replicate the design of Kailasagiri in Visakhapatnam, locals, with the support of villagers and other donors, renovated a dilapidated temple and also installed idols of different Gods to create a devotional atmosphere.

They had spent more than Rs 1 crore till now for all development works. The temple development committee urged the government to provide basic amenities on the hilltop which has been eluding to date. The Sankranti season is a busy time at Bellupada as thousands of people visit the temple every year on the occasion of Kanuma. Though the local civic body constructed a road to the hilltop, it was damaged very soon. All arrangements made by the civic body have only been temporary.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, Temple development committee secretary Paila Dharman Raju said “We renovated the Trinath Swamy temple at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh initially. We also constructed a 21 feet high Hanuman idol and the Lord Nataraj statue was also constructed with the support of donors. Another donor-supported us in the construction of a stage. We have setup 43-feet high Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi idols on the hill. We have urged elected representatives and officials of the department concerned for the development.”

District Tourism Officer N Narayana Rao said, “ WE had proposed to develop the area and even called for tenders.” He added that the department had proposed to develop the hilltop at a cost of Rs. 1.9 crore and since no contractor had come forward with a quote, the tender lapsed automatically. We will place a proposal this year to develop the temple, he added.

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