Bengaluru Cop Travels 960 km On Bike To Deliver Drug


The latest news from Bengaluru of a head constable travelling 960 Km amid the lockdown is breaking the internet.

The 47-year-old Kumaraswamy, a head constable in Bengaluru Police control room, rode nearly 960 km on his Honda Activa to deliver an essential medicine all the way to a cancer patient in Dharwad. The total distance to and fro from Bengaluru to Dharwad and Dharwad to the city is a vast 960km.

The head constable, who was watching a local news channel on his Television, learned that Umesh, a cancer patient from Dharwad, is in need of a drug, related to cancer treatment. Umesh called the anchor and said the drug was available only in Bengaluru and that he needed it by April 12.

The cop who watched the live show on 10 April, decided for something unexpected. Kuramaswamy has a morning shift, i.e., from 8 am to 1 pm and soon after completing his duty, he went to the TV channel office and took the patient Umesh’s number. He took information that the medicine is available at DS Research Centre in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. The selfless policeman went on his bike to buy the medicine and returned to his office to seek permission from his senior, ACP Ajaykumar Singh, who granted it.

He, later, made all the arrangement for the long-distance travel from home and started at 4 am. Kumaraswamy reached the patient’s house in Dharwad at 2.30 pm. It was a tedious 10-hour journey and all he had in between to eat was one packet of biscuits. It is reported that Umesh and his family members were shocked to see him coming all the way to give him the drug. Soon after, the cop returned to Bengaluru but since he was extremely fatigued due to constant driving, he took a halt at fire station office on the way after requesting them for the same.

‘I left at 5.30 am and reached Bengaluru by 10.30 am,’ he said. When media interviewed the cop, he said, ‘I just felt like helping. When I went to Umesh’s house, I realised they were indeed in need of medicine. He has to take it for two years continuously and it is curable’. After returning, Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has felicitated Kumaraswamy. In a world mostly filled with malicious mentalities, having generous people like Kumaraswamy is spreading positive vibes and restoring faith in goodness and humanity.

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