Best Bodyweight exercises without any equipment


Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, changing food habits and increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables and protein foods is not just enough. It should be combined with some or the other form of workout for staying fit. This pandemic situation has reduced the scope of going for different workout sessions. But exercises can be done at home using your own body. So here are some simple exercises that can be done at home without any equipment.

1) Squats : Squats are the best way to strengthen your lower body muscles. Squats strengthens your knees, thigh muscles and tones buttocks. From burning calories and fat to improving digestion it has many such benefits.

2) Lunges: Lunges improves balance and coordination of your body. Boosts flexibility and strengthens lower part of your spine.

3) Push Ups: Push Ups increases your body flexibility, improves body posture and burns calories. It boosts metabolism and has many other benefits.

4) Plank: Burns tummy fat and tightens tummy. Improves balance, posture as well as mood. Increases flexibility and reduces back pain.

5) Jumping Jacks: Improves heart health, blood circulation and prevents diabetes. Improves mobility and tones muscles. Burns excess calories and has many other health benefits.

6) Glute Bridge: Best way to strength your lower back and improves hip mobility. Improves neck and back health.

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