Beware of Nigerian 419 scam as it is creeping in the city


In this scam initially, people call with fake names and in the name of the charity, they dupe money from people.

About four Nigerians were arrested in association with such a case where they were allegedly trying to dupe a person with an amount of 6.62 lakh. The victim was trapped and it costed him as he ended up transferring the money in 12 installments.
Such Advance Fee fraud started blooming in the way back in 2000. Despite its awareness, certain gullible people turn out to be prey in front of the fraudsters.

About 42 cases were reported in 2019 according to the statistics from cybercrime police. There was an escalation in the cybercrime comparative to the last year.

Even though we don’t get much of texts from our closed ones, certain texts like winning a lottery, a car is quite rampant. Certain messages or emails also provide you with prospects like give an advance pay get a job or matrimonial alliances. One shouldn’t fall prey to it.

In the previous cases, it was seen mostly social media is used as a medium to approach the people, the gullible people tend to be the target and they are duped when the situation seems favorable. One should right away stay far from such unknown people whether in social media or real life


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