Bhajans, Yagam and putting on masks on idols, can it curb Coronavirus?


Where the county is gripped by the fear of Coronavirus and is almost in a lockdown state with malls, theatres remaining shut down. Board exams getting postponed and people staying and working inside the four walls.
Scientifically it will take two years to get a vaccine to COVID-19, Doctors are working restlessly to bring a silver lining to the problem and on the other hand, some people are taking the path of religion to fight out the Virus.
People are singing bhajans in unison, offering garlands and some of the priests in Varanasi have covered the lord shiva and goddess Kali’s face and aren’t allowing the devotees to touch the deity as the priests feel the Coronavirus spread would increase further.
Where there is a scarcity of masks and sanitizers and the poor don’t have access to masks, putting masks and singing bhajans to the deities is it a solution? Already myths and wrong notions are getting speculated faster than the coronavirus spread and there can be a possibility of more cases.
In amidst of the scare rather than buying the masks and sanitizers in bulk resulting in waste, give one to the needy. As an individuals safety isn’t enough to curb it, the other person also should be safe.
If singing carols, lighting candles and offering garlands could be a solution then there wouldn’t have been any problems on the face of the earth, there are two sides of the coin and hence there is an evolution of science, rather than spreading myths, collectively people should follow the basic preventive measures and spread the awareness among the others too.
Recently BJP leader was arrested as he organised an event for people to consume Cow urine and it backfires at him as when a 34 year old guard has the cow urine in the name of prasad and corona preventive medicine, he falls sick and faces Nausea.


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A word of caution from Mega Star Chiranjeevi garu. Stay safe.

A word of caution from Mega Star Chiranjeevi garu. Stay safe.