Bhel puri (also known as muri mixture) – The snack that Vizagites have a special emotional connection with


Bhel Puri also known as muri mixture, is one among the various number of evening snack options available. We know that this snack item isn’t very easily available and familiar for everyone like it is for Vizagites. Vizag people will have a special connection with muri mixture. You might be thinking that what makes muri mixture special for Vizag people when it is also available at other regions.

Vizagites are most emotionally connected to Vizag beach and if you can observe, muri mixture is the most common snack at the beach. We all know how much crowded Vizag beach usually will be, there will be demand for snack items and there are various snack items available, but the number of muri mixture stalls are numerous and it is only because of the craze that it has got.


This even snack item is originated in India itself. It is made using some basic ingredients that include puffed rice, raw vegetables, and lemon juice.

It is known with various names in various cities:

Maharashtra – bhel puri
Bengal – jhalmuri
Mysore – churumuri
Vizag – muri mixture

Where it is found in Vizag?

Starting from Tenneti park region, one can see these muri mixture stalls continuously for every 100 mts until Gokul park. The major snack item available in beach is muri
mixture. You can also find various other snack items like noodles, pani puri in beach which are actually very popular street foods. But muri mixture is highly dominant snack without any doubt. Even it is found in other places within the city, the taste of muri mixture at beach road is of different taste.

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t even cost you much. It is available at very affordable price at an average cost of Rs. 20 per plate which is very less when compared to snack items available at cafes and restaurants.

Why is it so much liked by Vizagites?

Very Vizagite, infact everyone who visit Vizag beach wish to have a taste of muri mixture. They just cannot escape from it. It is visible everywhere. Even surrounded by the costliest restaurants , coffee shops, middle class people, college going people are highly attracted towards this beach snack.

Nutritional Info

14% Total Fat 9.2g grams
7% Saturated Fat 1.3g grams
Trans Fat 0g grams
Polyunsaturated Fat 3.7g grams
Monounsaturated Fat 3.3g grams
0% Cholesterol 0mg milligrams
17% Sodium 412mg milligrams
8% Potassium 275mg milligrams
7% Total Carbohydrates 22g grams
11% Dietary Fiber 2.8g grams
Sugars 5.4g grams
Protein 5.9g grams
11% Vitamin A
18% Vitamin C
2% Calcium
11% Iron

You know that it is mandatory to eat pizza when you visit Italy. You can’t just miss eating burger when you go to USA. Just the same way, you cannot return from Vizag beach without eating muri mixture.

So, if you ever visit Vizag, then don’t miss eating muri mixture like you don’t miss visiting beach. If you are Vizagite, we don’t actually have to ask you to eat.

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