Bikers don’t ride only for the thrill but also for a cause


When we talk about bikers we get a picture of men and women wearing leather jackets, helmet, boots, gloves. What looks hippie and adventurous, isn’t just that definition enough as these bikers also have something personal that drives them and due to it they go all out there facing adversities yet not giving up as they have a mission to accomplish, something personal and for a greater good.
Dabbiru Harish and Goppu Chandra Sekhar

These bikers were on a biking expedition which started on February 1, Vizag to Nepal where they covered about 4,500 Km traveling across six various states with a theme of ‘Ensuring Safety of Animals’. For all their expedition they have a cause that they back up.

It all started when Dabbiru Harish, 23-year-old when he went for his first expedition last year with a theme of ‘Road Safety’ witnessed a lot of animals dying and their carcasses lying on road or near the seashore. With this observation when he came back, he wanted to take up this cause. Both him and Goppu Chandra Sekhar, 28yearold went for this expedition with the title ‘Asian Glimpses’. They said “About hundreds of animals die on-road in a year. Whether small or big, they also have a life and as responsible citizens, we thought of backing up this issue as their lives matter too.”

Bikers don’t ride only for the thrill but also for a cause
Their expedition took about 15 days and on that journey, they have been to Jharkhand, Odisha, Sikkim, Nepal, West Bengal. A total mix of various cultures. Harish says “The cultures, lifestyle, dressing, food, everything is different and it was fascinating to witness this cultural mix and meet them personally, what seemed challenging was to travel in the Northern side, especially in Jharkhand as there were potholes and the roads were quite improper.

As part of awareness is concerned Chandra Sekhar says “We spoke to the people. When we went to the Chilaka Lake, we fed the birds and witnessing the migratory birds we spoke to the fishermen and enlightened them about how harmful plastics could be for marine life, and with their consumption these animals can die.”

Belonging to the International Biking community, they also have done alms to the orphanage and do something for the greater good. The notion of Bikers have a cool life should be changed as in 15 days they weren’t having a luxurious lifestyle, hardly they would get to sleep and eat and drive for hours.

The suggestion that they gave was “People should keep their eyes and ears open while driving cause their consciousness may save an animal.”
Bikers don’t ride only for the thrill but also for a cause
Pramod Lakshman Mahajan

Age is just a number when talking about the next biker who is presently on a mission, he is Pramod Mahajan, who is 68 years old farmer from Sangli, Maharashtra. This man is a confident biker and way smatter than the young chaps as he drives his white Bajaj Avenger 220 cruise. He is on an expedition where he will be traveling to 94 cities in 130 days, covering about 17800Km.

This expedition holds a greater cause to spread awareness among people about organ donation. He himself has been an organ donor, wherein the year 2000 he donated one of his Kidney to a soldier, and still, he seems to be energetic and full of life.

On behalf of the Rebirth organization based in Pune, he is on this mission where he says three times a person can donate their organs when they are alive, brain dead, or dead.“A lot of people die cause they don’t get a proper match of their kidney, heart, lungs. Even in the year 2017 about 1,05,000 people died due to brain dead and only 817 people donated their organs and other organs were just went wasted. And to spread awareness on it I’m on this mission as if one person’s organs can give life to 8 people,” says Pramod Mahajan.

Bikers don’t ride only for the thrill but also for a cause

Starting from Pune he has already been to Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and his next destination in Odisha.

With the help of the bikers community group, he gets connected to various bikers group present in those states who help him getting food, shelter and they conduct various campaigns where they talk register people who want to donate their organs.

The previous year he has been a limca book record holder. What is fascinating is age isn’t a barrier for him and he is as enthusiastic as the youngsters and the credit he gives to his wife and bikers. He says “When I meet bikers and they call me kaka and give me the warmth and love, I get the energy of 12 elephants when together.”


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