Bill Gates praises Indian Pharma Companies


The world is currently working on developing a vaccine for the corona virus. It is well known that experiments on humans are already taking place in many countries, including India. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made interesting comments on the order. He said India has the capacity to produce enough vaccines not only for their country but for the whole world. He said that important research had already been done in India for the development of the vaccine. Bill Gates made these comments while speaking in the documentary ‘India’s War Against the Virus’. The documentary will air on the Discovery Channel this evening.

Bill Gates says .. ‘Corona impact is huge on India too. Because the population here is high. Similarly, urban areas are more densely populated. Drug and vaccine companies are prevalent in India. Pharma companies in India are producing and exporting large quantities of vaccines required by the world. Vaccines have not been manufactured anywhere else in the world as heavily as those produced in India after the opening of the Serum Institute. Apart from this, there are many well-known pharma companies in India such as Bio E, Bharat (Biotech). One thing I can say with confidence. “India has the potential to produce a corona vaccine that is suitable not only for its people but for the entire world,” Gates said. Gates also welcomed India’s participation in the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). It is a consortium of companies that make vaccines around the world.

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