Black and Lovely should be a beauty norm just like ‘Fair and lovely’


Racism exists everywhere and no one can deny that fact. Travel to any part of the globe it exists. Wheat colour being Indian, blacks being from Africa and whites from America, they are generalized way of classifying people.

The difference is sometimes the severity is more in some countries and less in the others. A classic case that happened in the most developed country USA shows that ‘Racism’ exists and that Black Lives matter too. The distressing video of George Floyd being pinned down by former Minneapolis police seems painful and rings a bell of the human conscience.

We all know that how people are discriminated on the basis of colour. It may be 21st century but certain things remain the same. Calling people as chinky, blacks, isn’t cool.

Before debating about it so much we need to know why does it exist and how can we normalize it. Whether it is an Advertisement or a movie, all they show is a perfect looking person who is fair, tall and people getting flattered or enamored by that beauty.

It is also in certain homes that parents seem quite worried if the child is dark. One such case is that of Pavini who says “It was really difficult in the beginning as my brother was fair and I had a darker skin tone. I Never found myself different but my mother would keep addressing about skin colour and she used to get all kinds of beauty products that would light up my skin tone. My insecurity started from there and it continued in school, college where they would mock at me or crack jokes.”

The thing that has been for years it is high time that gets normalized. “The only way we can normalize it is by stop addressing people as blacks or dark. No one says white girl, they call them pretty and another major factor is they should also make responsible ad or movies that casts the right person for the role, that’s the way people are going to look at things,” says Nishita.


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