Kites soared high in Vizag’s skyline

Colorful kites of various sizes soured in the high sky as the children let loose the strings as per the direction of the wind at the kite festival organized by the Hello Vizag with an objective to keep alive traditions and highlight the importance of Sankranti, at RK Beachside here on Friday. As the festival […] More


Kanuma – the worship of the cattle

Kanuma is a festival of the cattle. It is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh as a part of the Sankranthi festival. Kanuma falls on the third day of this four-day long festival. It is of special importance to farmers who consider cattle as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. When is Kanuma celebrated? Kanuma is […] More


Makar Sankranti Special: Kite flying in India

The festival of Makar Sankranti is synonymous with kite flying and marks the beginning of Uttarayan—the movement of the sun towards Capricorn, signalling the start of longer days. In states like Gujarat, colourful kites take over the sky. Even though there is no historical evidence or written account of the kite’s association with the festival, […] More

Haridasulu and Gangireddula, symbols of three-day harvest festival Sankranti is mostly missing in Vizag

Haridasulu and Gangireddula, symbols of three-day harvest festival Sankranti is mostly missing in Vizag

Age-old traditions of Sankranti festivities featuring Haridasulu and Gangiredduvallu appear to be fading from the mainstream of society due to changing times, These two communities had been a constant feature of the three-day harvest festival of Bhogi, Sankranti, and Kanuma. But new generations within these communities are reluctant to continue their hierarchical roles. Haridasulu with […] More


The taste of food delicacies in Telugu households during Sankranthi

Come January, the festival season of Sankranthi kickstarts with preparations for special and delicious dishes in Telugu households in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With the harvest of various crops including rice and sugarcane, there are several special dishes made out of these ingredients that make the occasion a feast for the senses. Sankranthi is known […] More


The big festival of Sankranti and its significance

For Andhraites, the festivities associated with Sankranti take on a grand hue. For many the festival evokes fond memories and of grand rangolis with gobbemmalu, bhogi mantallu (bonfire), bhogi pallu (a manner of blessing children), making and feasting on pongal, listening to the devotional songs sung by Haridasulu and offering them rice or similar donations, […] More


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