Board exams and all the major entrance exams are postponed amid the coronavirus threat


For now, the cases of coronavirus have risen to 169 and that also includes the demise of three people.
Where there was a question of safety of students arising amid the coronavirus spread as the students were busy writing their exams, finally a call has been taken and now the exams that were scheduled from March 19 to 31 will be re-scheduled but for now, it has been postponed to safeguard the health of people.
Even the JEE main that was scheduled in the month of April is postponed as the students have to travel all the way and also the 12th board exam dates shouldn’t get clashed with the main dates.
Where some students and parents are relieved as the life of a child will be secured but some of them were in a mood to complete their exams. For now, the rescheduled dates haven’t been given but it will be scheduled according to the situation or scenario in the country.
Government and all the doctors have just one urge of people staying back as much as they can to be safe and secure and curb the spread of coronavirus from social distancing as the stage III is quite harmful.


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