Boat Control room likely to be inaugurated during the summer season in Rushikonda


Tourists will be flocking in at the beautiful and serene Rushikonda in the summer to take a chill pill near the seashore, in the waters and ahead of it the boat control room will be inaugurated.

Keeping in mind what happened at the Godavari mishap, APTDC divisional manager DVM Reddy said that the city will have its first boat control room in Rushikonda and it will be operational mostly by the summer season.

This will be operated by 13 officials’ expertise in various departments like medical, revenue, fire, police, tourism, health, meteorological.
It will be equipped in such a way that each one will provide an update varying from the weather report, checking on the health of people.

It is one of the nine control rooms that will be set in Rushikonda after Kakinada, Vijayawada, etc.


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