Bois locker room apparently you have no room for mercy or justice


No amount of money, power, strata that you belong justifies the kind of act that you have done. There is no room for ‘mazak kar rahe the’.

It is not fun to objectify a women with the kind of dress that she wears or how she looks. It is scary when a girl wears a crop top, cause there are certain guys like you who don’t just objectify but pass lewd comments and tries to misbehave. There are times when a girl gets scared to travel alone in the midnight from work, their parents are scared to sleep at nights because of such a group ‘Bois locker room’ now girls will be scared to even put their pictures out there in social media cause it may get morphed, circulated.

It is not funny, to talk about sizes, shapes that a women posess, not even in a private friendly conversations ‘It IS NOT OKAY’.

Be it a man or woman, irrespective of any gender, such an act is not “OKAY” or justifiable.

There are times when two people get close and are in a companionship, threatening the girl by saying ‘Circulate kar dunga’ is not okay.

It is a Rape culture or a sick culture that needs to be treated. Morphing photos of someone’s daughter, sister of under age or any age is not “FINE”. It is an act of disgrace.

There are good respectable guys in society but there are plenty like these guys who have a casual conversation and make such discussions like as if ‘It is normal’.

The group of guys may be underage but the act isn’t at all of a juvenile, cause if they are on loose then the other such groups won’t come to light.

They say education enlightens, aware people about situation, people know what is right & wrong.

These guys are just a testament of no matter how much they are literate or belong to any class, it’s the culture embedded in back of their minds.


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