BOIS Locker-room Truth revealed

BOIS Locker-room Truth revealed

BOIS Locker-room has been the most viral topic all over the social media from past few days. After the conversation of a sexual assault being planned on a girl coming out, it has been the most trending and most discussed topics all over. However the truth behind the conversations is revealed now.

It is a natural tendency to blame male for thinking to hurt or suppress women. Without even considering a second thought the blame game starts and in the case of BOIS locker room also it has happened in the similar manner. It had been criticized for various reasons for planning an assault on a girl after a conversation screenshot going viral on social media.

But the investigation tells something else. It was a girl who had created a fake profile on Snapchat named Sidharth and messaged a fellow classmate, about planning her own sexual assault. However, the boy in the conversation had refused to participate and stopped replying as well.

Initially a screenshot of the Snapchat conversation went viral, along with few other chats from the locker room, but it turned out that the two conversations were not at all related with one another.

The girl who created the fake profile was examined by police and she revealed that it was her who sent the messages to check the reaction of the boy and the “strength of his character”.

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