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Boozers: Beware of drunk & drive checking


With the opening of bars and pubs under the central government unlock 4 guidelines in the city, traffic cops are preparing themselves to resume drunk and drive checking by taking all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Covid-19 in the interest of its personnel and the citizens.

Since the second march of this year, due to a spike in Covid-19 cases, the drunk driving tests were kept in abeyance due to fear of succumbing to it. But now, when the cases are still reporting here and there, the opening of bars seems to be a gala time for boozers and catch me if you can situation is prevailing.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, Additional DCP (Traffic) Ch Adinarayana said that due to the Covid-19 pandemic we cannot book drink and drive cases. Because of its spreading nature, we cannot use breath analyzers to test alcohol content in human bodies during a drunk and drive mode.

But if at all, we found that bike rider with excess intake of alcohol content, we left with no option but to definitely refer them to the hospital in spite of COVID cases taking a heavy toll on the hospitals. Hopefully, from the next month or once the spike of COVID 19 cases subsidies, we will start in full form without any fail by taking all safety of the traffic police personal, he added

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