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Car and bike owners in Vizag receive bizarre challans


The traffic police in Visakhapatnam are levying frequent challans from the citizens in case of any traffic violations. But now, the people with vehicles are facing a lot of problems it seems.

There are some bizarre incidents that have happened in the city recently in which the car owners were served challans by the traffic police for not wearing a helmet. Some people are even fined for parking their vehicles at their houses. Bike owners are fined for not wearing seat belt.

To avoid frequent accidents, traffic jams and violations of any kind, the traffic police used to take measures to impose challans. However, the people are facing a peculiar situation in the name of violations.

Some people got challans for triple riding, not wearing seat belts, helmets and jumping the signals and son on even though they did not violate any traffic rules. Some people are even getting challans with wrong information.

The reason for such incidents was that some traffic CIs, SIs, police, and home guards click the photos of vehicles with their cameras or smartphones. Many wrong photos and non-violation were sent to the police bosses who in turn send challans without any violations.

Some people who got the wrong challans checked the websites and confirmed that their vehicles did not violate the norms. They understood that the traffic police served the wrong challans in the name of other vehicles, while their vehicles were at their residences or not violated norms.

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