Cardiologists meet on a webinar to discuss implications of COVID 19 for heart ailments


An army of international cardiologists from home and abroad are getting together in a webinar for three days from 4th September to share their expertise on Covid-19 causing cardiopulmonary disease and other complex coronary artery problems. Society for Cardiac Interventions (SCI), a platform of interventional cardiologists across the country based in Kolkata, will organize this three-day-long virtual scientific conference, to focus on complex coronary and non-coronary ailments that are sweeping across the world in an alarming manner.

Apart from an alarming surge of so many coronary artery problems among both young and elderly people throughout the world because of the lifestyle changes, the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging most countries and aggravating the situation. Against this backdrop, this year we are organizing a very much needed webinar, wherein expert advice can be derived for the betterment of the society, said Dr. Manotosh Panja, Former Head of the Institute of Cardiology at SSKM and SCI President.

More than 150 cardiologists attached to different top cardiac care institutes and hospitals in India, US, UK, Germany. Italy, France, Belgrade, Korea, Malaysia, and Bangladesh will participate in different scientific sessions through the virtual conference, Dr. Panja said. Experts like Dr. Gregg Stone, Dr. Ajay Kirtane, and Dr. Roxana Mehran who are attached to the US-based Transcatheter Cardio-vascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference organized by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (RCG) will participate in the web conference. TCT conference is the World’s best annual program on interventional cardiology.

Besides the experts from abroad, a galaxy of top-notch cardiologists’ Dr. Subhanan Roy, Dr. Ashoke Sett, Dr. Ajaya Mehta, Dr. Dhiman Kahali, Dr. Biswakesh Majumder, Dr. DP Sinha, Dr. Ranjan Sharma, Dr. Saroj Mondal, Dr. Asit Das, and many others from Mumbai and Delhi hospitals will share their views on latest development in the treatment of coronary artery disease. Around 10,000 doctors and medical professionals across the countries will access the event. For registrations please call: 09477707770

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