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Celebrating the ‘New years’ indoor at the moment to cherish a lifetime wandering


It is Summer and it is exciting season for all, not just for golas or Ice cream but for the traditional new year celebrations by each communities.

It starts by ‘Ugadi’ which was also celebrated indoors with making some ugaadi pickle, gaarlu and sweets. And then follows the other communities celebrations.

From Keralites celebrating Vishu, Tamilians celebrating Pushtandu to Bengalis celebrating Poila Boishak and Punjabis celebrate ‘ Baisakhi’.

Amid the lockdown everybody stay indoors to celebrate the new year in their own way.

“It is a new experience as for me this New year, as we would go out, watch a movie where new clothes and have some good food at a restaurant. Now we just opted to stay back at home which is a little gloomy but I guess it is the need of the hour.”

Where some people josh is quite low. Some are acing the game by wearing new clothes, clicking pictures and making some home made authentic dishes.

It is for the first time, that people are seeing this kind of a massive thing. Everybody’s life has come to a standstill, there are no weekends everyday is like a Monday blue.

This year all the community people had just one thing in common, praying for this to get over so that everyone can see a new and refreshing phase of our lives.


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