Celebrities take legal action against Online Harassment and Rape threats


Hate and abusive social media comments are so common that the victims have adapted to disregard them. Since the social media mechanism allows to false and anonymous id’s to be created, it is difficult to take action against the perpetrators. Celebrities, particularly women, are easy targets of this verbal social media abuse.

But celebrities, playback singer Chinmayi Sripada and actress Meera Chopra decided to take a stand against it. These celebrities filled a cyber-crime complaint calling for action against a mass of social media users to target them with rape threats, abusive and obscene memes and comments.

Actress Meera Chopra lodged a complaint on Wednesday with the cybercrime Hyderabad against the rape threats, character assassinating and abusive comments that she has received from the fans of Jr. NTR. After she posted a reply to a fans question on her opinion about Jr.NTR in a chat session, for which she answered that she doesn’t know the actor and is not really a fan of him, her social media accounts started receiving threats of gang rape and character assassination.

Earlier to this Playback singer Chinmayi had also filed complaint in Cybercrime Hyderabad against users who verbally abused and sent violent rape threats. This started after the singer’s call- out of meme pages that post women objectifying and abusive content. She also filed a public interest litigation after collecting such objectifying, abusive and rape threat comments on the social media from her followers.

Both the celebrities say that rape threats, slut shaming, online bullying women for voicing out their opinions should not be tolerated. Chinmayi says that if social media apps like twitter removes the accounts that threatens women, it will send a strong message that the platform cannot be used for such ghastly attacks.

Inputs from Kavya Sarvasiddi

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