Characters of Yeh Jawaani hain deewani that were ‘Real and not Reel’


This movie was released seven years ago and yet it feels like it released yesterday. Some movies make us laugh, cry and love but this movie made us feel every emotion. As Naina Talwaar says “Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge” this movie is just like that. A feeling that is inexplicable as a whole and that takes you on a roller coaster ride of friendship, love, family, dreams, adventure and some harsh truths.

1. The character that is like pioneer we can never overlook – Bunny or Kabir Thappar.
The guy has some inner conflicts but never let’s that take over his mind and heart. Chasing his dreams to fill his soul is what makes you think ki kash I would have enjoyed like him. He may have been a back bencher student during his school but as he grows up, he knows that staying with his buddies like in the series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ is not going to take him to places. Believer in present and talking about what he wants like ‘Pagalpaan, raftaar, seeing the entire world’ to fill his travelogue book makes the viewer fall in love with him. He may have come across a flirt but it doesn’t get over the line.

2. Naina Talwaar
Her journey seems transforming in every level. From being a nerdy chashmish to garnering some courage to go all the way to Manali with unknown people to unleash her hidden self and be this independent women in the later half is beautiful. She is like a book that has layers to unravel as the movie goes on. She loved Bunny and she also knew that Bunny loved his dreams more than anything else, so she let him go. She felt bad but she didn’t crib about it, she kept that memory in her ‘Yaadon ka dibba’.

3. Avi
Avi’s world revolved around his friends. He cared, laughed, took things lightly but he wasn’t a brood. He was the immature character who taught us to take things lightly at times or may be all the times. After a point of time, he realizes his fall but that doesn’t bog him down. He believes in taking another shot for life.

4. Aditi
She can be jhalli, wear phatta hua jeans and have huge headphones but she is honest and caring. She comes across as immature but she is really understanding and accepts the fact that times are changing, people evolve with time too. Making Ham cheese sandwhich to stare at Avi, she was a binding force between Avi and Bunny. No matter what she felt, she didn’t allow her feelings to ruin her friendship with Avi.

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