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Chicken or Egg?


Which came first, the chicken or egg? Nobody can say anything about that. The same is the administrative dilemma about the district collectors against whom State Election Commissioner N Ramesh Kumar had raised objections, asking the state government to transfer them. For, the government now does not want to transfer them and would prefer to hold the local bodies’ elections while retaining them as heads of respective districts.

Nevertheless, Ramesh, who was hastily forced out from his position and got it back only after making every effort, is bent upon having those officers transferred, come what may. People have seen his obstinacy while going great lengths to have his way.

Not unexpectedly, he appears disinclined to his give nod for conducting the local bodies’ elections unless the babus on his move list are given their transfer orders. So, who will blink first? This is a million-dollar question now. For those who came late, the intelligence wing of the state government has already submitted a report on all collectors and their activities in the backdrop of some adverse media reports on a couple of collectors.

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