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Chicken prices spiraling in Vizag


The steep increase in chicken prices pinching many pockets in the Vizag. The poultry businessmen predict that the prices of chicken will further increase. For the second time in 2020, boiler chicken prices have touched above Rs 230 a kg in major cities in the state. In the first half of this year when the rumors fanned out that Covid-19 could spread through the consumption of chicken, the demand for chicken drastically fell.

Due to that, the poultry businessmen incurred huge losses and they had to sell chicken at throwaway prices. As a result, the majority of poultry businessmen have stopped the production of chicks and the impact is being felt. However, the demand for chicken has increased from mid-April as many suggested chickens will improve the immunity. Now, the demand has increased by 30 percent more than the normal demand in the first week of September, said M Janaki Rao, one of the poultry businessmen in the Vizag region.

The average demand of the chicken meat is around eight lakh kgs per day in the state but now the demand has increased to over 10 lakh kgs per day in August. However, the supply of broiler chicken has come down to seven lakh kg per day in the state. The prices will further increase in the coming days as it will take at least two more months to supply the birds to meet the demand, Rao, added. Likewise, the price of mutton hovering around Rs 750 to Rs 800 per kg.

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