China losses Rs 4000 crore worth rakhi business 


India has given China a major blow after Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) had given a call to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with made in India rakhis. The Hindustani Rakhi campaign had become a huge success which affected the China made rakhis causing a loss of Rs 4000 crore. 

With this India has shown that it can successfully boycott Chinese goods and replace them with Indian goods. 

As per the CAIT statistics every year Rs 6000 crore rakhi trade will be done in India, out of which China portion is Rs 4000 crore. India not just imports finished rakhis but it also imports other products like foam, decorative items, thread, beads, paper foil etc. Which are used for making rakhis. The decision of CAIT has put an end to all these imports. 

CAIT being the largest traders body in India which consists of more than 40,000 trade associations and having more than 7 crore members across the country, has already informed all its state chapters and major associations working at state level that Chinese rakhis and other goods should not be sold over Raksha Bandhan. With the cooperation of  CAIT around one crore India made rakhis were made ready in addition to the actual output every year. These were made by self employed women, Anganwadi workers, commercial sector, small scale industries etc by using Indian products. This has even led to creation of employment.

This has given a moral booster to boycott Chinese products to a great level in the near future. And everything and anything is possible if all the Indians stand together for a common cause. 

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