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Citizen-The Short Film: Youth’s maturity level will make society better


Vibrant Studios (opc) Pvt Ltd debut film “Citizen” hit on the internet on 1st January 2021 with a good societal message on how to be a responsible individual, once they cross 18 years. Directed by Changanti Srinivasu, the film is receiving awestruck reviews as soon it opened on the Youtube Channel on Sunday.

An eye-catching 42-minute short film, shot in Vizag precincts with several debutant actors, is long overdue. Charged by sincere and dedicated team efforts, the film “Citizen” film is often relatable and genuinely capable of evoking heartful emotions. It’s the testament of the prevailing trends, which youth largely drawn towards unprecedented wrong deeds.

Speaking with Hello Vizag about the essence of making this film at this juncture, Chaganti Srinivasu said though it is a short film the film will definitely resonate in the minds of movie watchers for a long time. On average, 4 crore persons become majors in India every year. Once they become major at the age of 18, each and every step must be legally tenable. On the other hand, adolescence brings a lot of mental changes in one’s life. Every so often, we see the youth is victimized in Cybercrimes, suicide bombing, and terrorism. Unless the right path is chosen or rather guided in a proper way, their life may turn adverse.

Stating further, Mr. Srinivas said the crux of the film story is all about difference between the guided and unguided youth in the society. We tried to showcase a complex problem that prejudices both the social and economic development of the region. With this in mind, we hope, the government would recognize the seriousness of the problem and will pitch-in with awareness campaigns regarding the appropriate behavior of every citizen who turns a major at the age of 18.

While music is given by Mr. Saketh, DoP is done by Gowtham, Vardhan & Akhil. The lead cast are Venkat Dhanyam Raju, “Majili” Sridhar, Rajesh Surisetty, and Dr. Y.S.S.R. Murthy.

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