City bounces back to life with the majority of the shops open


The entire city, with its variety of garment, footwear and jewellery shops, was buzzing with activity on Wednesday after the state government announced new guidelines with some relaxations on Tuesday.

This comes after a lot of standalone small scale shops opened last week. It was the big, branded garment shops that resumed their operations on Wednesday after more than two months of lockdown. Many brands advertised it on their door, and on social media, that they were open again.

Roads in and around VIP Road, Asilmetta, Siripuram, Dwarka Nagar, were among a few areas which saw the look of traffic after a seemingly long time as most of the shops, excluding shopping malls, resumed operations.

“No customer or staff is allowed to enter the store without a mask. Not more than five customers are allowed inside the store at a time. Sanitisation of the common touch points like doorknobs in the store is done. Trial rooms are not allowed to be used. Exchange of products is discouraged, however, if any exchange happens, they are being kept in separate quarantine boxes for four days.” These are a few of the guidelines that the shops are ordered to follow. Online purchasing is also being encouraged by the shops that have the option. Checking the body temperature of the customers before they enter the shop is also made mandatory.

A lot of shop owners confessed to a heavy loss in their usual financial year, as the time when the lockdown was announced, is actually considered as the peak wedding season. March to May is the team when a lot of ceremonies happen, and the boost in sales is undeniable. Now that weddings are going to have a limited number of guests, shop owners are fretting over not seeing that kind of boost again in the near future.

By Yukta Baid

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