City girl now encourages citizens to grow their own food


Rachana Ronanki from the city wanted to work on something which she could immensely enjoy. And being a nature lover, she could not imagine herself doing anything other than gardening. she could not imagine herself doing anything other than gardening. And that is when she started growing her own food.

“The only thing that I lacked was enough space to have a garden as we live in an apartment. I decided to not give up my passion (which later became an obsession) and started gardening on my terrace. My goal was to grow literally anything and everything in pots and make container gardening accessible to everyone who lacks space,” said Rachana who is 23 years old and a post graduate in biotechnology.

Two years ago, she started growing basic and beginner friendly vegetables like tomatoes, radish, egg plant, chillies and almost all kinds of green leafy vegetables. She later noticed that summer at her place was really scorching. So this year, she decided to grow heat resistant plants like the finger millet crop, multiple sunflower varieties, summer flowers etc.

Rachana always wanted to keep her gardening simple with basic practices. But as she had to do container gardening, she needed to provide more strength to the soil. She used a mix of vermi compost, cow dung soil, neem powder and cocopeat to make my potting mix. To get rid of any pests and diseases, she simply keeps the affected plant away from the rest of the plants and spray it with neem oil as she wants to grow them organically.


“Gardening has taught me the most important thing I lack, which is patience. I have noticed a huge difference in my personality in last 2 years. I have never been more grateful and peaceful. I have turned more compassionate towards the planet and stopped eating meat. Also, the satisfaction of eating home grown food is beyond words and I guess everyone should experience it,” said Rachana.

Rachana wanted to put her passion to a good use and educate people on how to keep the planet green and their health in check by eating organic food, so she started her own gardening page on social media recently.

“I believe in the saying, “we are what we eat”. It is high time we start following that. It is not as difficult as it seems so start growing your own food today,” added Rachana.



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