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Civic woes at Mudasarlova reservoir


The Mudasarlova reservoir which is the oldest water reservoir in the city located in Hanumanthawaka is not only a source of drinking water for the people of the city but also a favourite picnic spot. However, the present condition of the surroundings calls for attention.

The callous attitude of the local people has made the area around the reservoir a dumping ground. The frequent dumping of litter by the people on a regular basis has led to many other problems like increase in flies and mosquitoes. Since the litter comprises mostly of domestic waste including food and meat waste, pig and dog menace has increased.

Adding to the woes, the cattle owners use the water of the reservoir to give a bath to the cattle. Lack of proper fencing has attracted youngsters to find a point to drink and throw the wine bottles in the vicinity of the reservoir.

B Chetan residing in an individual house near to the reservoir, said, “The stench emanating from the heaps of litter is unbearable and has made it difficult for us to walk or commute through the area. Stray dogs and pigs rummaging in the litter is a common sight and occasionally, we hear cases of dog bites.” “There are neither sign boards nor warning boards in the premises,” added Chetan who is pursuing law.

P Vinod, a businessman, who goes for a walk in the morning in the walkers zone located near the reservoir, said, “It is sad to see the water of the reservoir getting polluted due to the negligence of people. The purpose of walking in the morning is defeated as instead of breathing fresh air, we tend to breathe polluted air as the area is surrounded by litter.”

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