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Civic woes worry residents of Chengalraopeta


The frequent dumping of waste by the hawkers and people in Kadambari street has posed a threat to the pedestrians and the commuters. Moreover, the callous attitude of few of the residents has posed a threat for the people residing in the colony.

Adding to the woes, the filthy smell emanating from the garbage spreads all over the area and the residents say that they are forced to close their windows. Even after repeated warning by the residents on the disturbance caused, the hawkers have turned a deaf year.

KSN Murthy, said, “Everyday, there is litter strewn on the road and it is sad to see the sorry state of affairs early in the morning. The road is narrow and the strewn litter is a hindrance for commuters. I had also requested the residents not to throw the household waste on roads, but the negligence continues. Repeated complaints to the municipal authority yielded no response, but in vain.”

R Lakshmi, a daily labourer who has been residing in Chengalraopeta from the past few years, said, “Apart from the coal pollution, the frequent dumping of debris owing to some construction of building has posed a health hazard. Sometimes, due to winds, the waste material like sand adds to the pollution.”

“Breeding of flies and mosquitoes has increased due to dumping of the household waste on the roadside and the frequent rains have added to the problem. My children have been suffering from respiratory ailments for quite some time now, ”she added.

The Assistant medical officer of GVMC, said, “Although we make sure to clear the litter on a daily basis, the citizens must take the responsibility to ensure that they are not careless when it comes to disposal of garbage. Bins have been provided in the area for the residents to throw garbage.”

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