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Climate activists strike against climate crisis in Vizag


Fridays For Future International held a global strike reaching out to the public through the activists both by striking offline (physically) and online (through social media). The city of destiny was also in the list with young climate activists raising their voice for climate action.

Deepsri Peela and the other fellow young environmentalists have teamed with Youth for Climate India and Fridays For Future Andhra Pradesh to conduct three strikes throughout the day at different locations in Vizag on September 25.

Agenda 1: Placard display at Central Park, Near GVMC Head Office from 8:30 am on issues of farmers’ rights and the impact of climate change on their lives as well as on the topic of: “right to breathe clean air.”

Agenda 2: Strike at Collector’s Office from 3:00 pm to raise awareness about Visakhapatnam Mangroves Deforestation issue.

Agenda 3: Placard display regarding dissatisfaction about the recent EIA draft 2020 from 5 pm at Kursura Submarine, RK Beach.

“We are strictly going to follow the six feet social distancing all throughout, trying to avoid direct interactions with people. If we want a future away from other such pandemics and extreme weather events like droughts, floods, cyclones, wildfires, and food/water shortages, WE MUST ACT; AND WE MUST ACT NOW!

Join and raise your voice to #FightClimateInjustice,” stated Deepsri, a 16-year-old Environmentalist & Animal rights advocate, Visakhapatnam.

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