Climate change is a serious issue; Everyone of us has a role to play


Climate change is an important and serious issue and every individual has a role play for the future. From waste management to the transport we choose, everything needs our concentration as every small change from our side will count and will have a larger impact on the environment. Planting saplings is not enough when we are polluting the environment. Plastic has been one of the major issues along with emissions from vehicles, factories, etc. Proper monitoring needs to be done from our end. What we use and throw should be properly monitored and controlled at the household level itself.

Plastic and other harmful substances usage need to be replaced by eco-friendly items. Proper disposable of plastic and polythene needs to be done and reducing it to a greater extent will have a positive impact. Walks and cycling need to be preferred for shorter distances instead of motor vehicles as they will also have good health benefits. Central Government came up with an initiative called ‘Cycle for Change’ to promote cycling, this will have both health and environmental benefits.

Lockdown has already shown us how nature would heal if transportation and commercial activities are reduced. It should not end here, in fact, it should be a beginning towards change that would have a positive impact on the environment.

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