CM desires to launch ” Hate the virus not the patient ” campaign


Visakhapatnam district is in the list of districts belonging to phase 1

Due to the rise in the cases in Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy said that there is a need to create awareness among public regarding the Corona effected patients and their family.

He further added there is a need to support the effected patients and their family as they are not culprits but only the people who are effected by the disease, building confidence plays an important role.

So he intended on launching the campaign “Hate the virus not the patient ” after the lockdown is lifted.It is known that the slogan can be ” virus attack is not crime”

Along with that the government also decided to fill vacant posts in Covid-19 hospitals in various districts.

Visakhapatnam district is in phase 1 of the list so it is going to get its vacant posts filled by the government in order to fight with Corona more effectively in future as there is a need of more medical personnel due to rise in cases.

By Praveena Varma

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