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Cockfights amid Covid threat causes concern in East Godavari district


Despite the alarming surge in the corona positive cases, people were flocking to amusement places in hundreds unabatedly causing great concern for the district medical and health officials in East Godavari.

The corona cases were on the rise rapidly and the death toll was also mounting up. Despite all efforts by the district administration to create awareness among the people about the precautions of wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance, there was no a little change in the attitude of the people. People gathered in huge numbers to witness Gundata and cockfights which were held in Pithapuram four days ago. Recording dances were organized in Alamuru mandal two days ago. People who attended these amusement places were not bothered to wear masks and maintain physical distance.

The queue lines were seen at the chicken and mutton shops across the district on Sunday morning and people were least bothered to maintain physical distance in the queue lines. The police personnel became mute spectators for ongoing Covid rule violations. Having a population of 54 lakhs, about 1.35 lakh people were exposed to coronavirus. A total of 9,394 active cases and 661 deaths were reported till now in the district. The official figures were varying with the real mortality rate. The government has declared seven private hospitals as Covid hospitals. Another 15 private hospitals were recently approved. However, the Covid beds were filled in all almost all corporate hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has issued heavy rain forecast warnings in the district. Also, the mercury rises on the other side. People fear that the virus may increase in these variant climates. The corona positive patients were scared of joining the government hospitals. As a result, the beds in the government-run hospitals were empty. Those who tested positive were rushing to private hospitals with Covid scare. Taking advantage of the situation, the hospital managements were not considering Arogyasree and other medical reimbursement schemes.

In the adjoining West Godavari, the officials declared some villages as containment zones. Whereas in East Godavari, no containment zones were announced at the village level causing deep concern to the people.

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