Cold Storages for aqua farmers to yield MSP: CM Jagan


In a bid to give Minimum Support Price (MSP) to the aqua farmers, the state government is all set to provide basic infrastructure facilities for pre-primary and secondary processing. On Thursday, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy directed the officials to enable the aqua farmers to get the MSP besides providing preprocessing, IQF, and cold storage facilities. With the above facilities in place, the aqua farmers can store their produce to get reap better prices thereby farmers’ morale will be high at all times. Also, there will not be any middlemen and private syndicates at bay.

For the first time in Andhra Pradesh, we have started Rs. 3000 crore Market Stabilisation Fund for the upliftment of farmers who are on the brink of penury. We are always at the forefront to protect the interests of aqua farmers to ensure they get fair prices for their produce like prawns, fish besides poultry, dairy, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and others. For this, e-Cropping also will be adopted to the aqua field,” he said

“I will not rest until I show an alternative to the farmers by proving the cold storage facilities to store their produce and get better prices whenever they sell. Towards this end, from the next year, onwards Janata Bazaars will be linked to aqua products, he said. Godowns at the village level, cold storages at Mandal level, along with grading and primary food processing units are coming up. Cage culture in reservoirs should be brought sustainably.

Officials explained about the progress in shipping harbour projects and the YSR Cheyutha scheme. The Chief Minister said that suggestions should be taken from Amul while buying cattle and partner them in matters of feed, rearing, and other technical aspects besides a tie-up in sheep rearing. YSR Asara will be launched on September 11. Under Cheyutha 22.8 lakh women are benefitted and under Asara, another 90 lakh women will be benefited.

“We should provide them a sustainable livelihood. There should not be any compromise in buying livestock and coordinate with banks and they should connect with the locals. Insurance and vaccine for livestock are necessary. Also, we should concentrate on dairies in the public sector and their infrastructure and milk procurement, the CM Jagan said. Minister for Animal Husbandry S Appalraju, Special Chief Secretary Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Poonam Malkondaiah, Fisheries Commissioner Kannabbau, and other officials took part in the review meeting.

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