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Comedian Kosuri Venu Gopal succumbed to Coronavirus


Tollywood comedian Kosuri Venu Gopal passed away due to Covid-19 on wednesday at a private hospital located at Gachibowli. He was known for his slang and played many wonderful roles. He started his journey as a comedian due to his passion for acting.

In his decade long film career, he made his mark with many movies including Maryada Ramanna, Pilla Zamindar, BBM, Ami Tumi etc. Native of West Godavari, he worked as a manager at Food Corporation of India.

He made his debut with the film Tegimpu and and was recognised well for his role in Maryada Ramanna in which Sunil played the male lead. Many actors, cast and crew has expressed their deepest condolences to his family.

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