Community Transmission of Covid -19 on the prowl in Vizag


As the lockdown restrictions are being phased out one by one, unspoken are the fears about community transmission of COVID-19 across the city. Indications of Stage-III community transmission are already palpable in a few areas going by the spike covid-19 cases. Indicating that community transmission of Covid-19 virus is at its peak, district health officials is warning the public to be cautious in the next four to five weeks.

According to District COVID-19 Special Officer and Principal of Andhra Medical College Dr. P.V. Sudhakar, “as out of 8,000 tests conducted in the last two days, over 1,600 tested positive. This indicates that about 20% of the population in containment zones have been affected. “This was predicted by ICMR and we are heading towards it. The best way to contain and control is by using the 3T strategy (trace-test-treat)”.

District Health officials are worried as the number of Covid-19 cases have started to increase in the towns. Aiming to flatten the Covid-19 curve with an emphasis on testing all high-risk persons in the very active clusters, the district administration had launched an intensive and focussed testing drive with rapid antigen kits, which are yielding the largest spike in the districts with 1049 positive cases as per health officials, the count on the second day exceeded 600 cases. And significantly, a majority of the cases were recorded from GVMC limits.

“We have about 107 very active clusters in the district and the focus is on testing all high-risk persons on a priority basis in these clusters,” said Collector V. Vinay Chand. The district administration aims to conduct 20,000 to 30,000 tests in the next few day and sources in the health department say that the district is going to witness even larger spikes in coming days.

“The virus is in the community and all of us are doing our best to contain it. The state government is pulling out all stops to prevent the virus from spreading. General public must be very cautious in the next four to five weeks. Masks, hand washing and physical distancing must be mandatory, said Dr. G Arjuna, Superintendent of King Georg Hospital.

Community transmission has already started, owing to several asymptomatic patients moving around without any restrictions. With the easing of lockdown norms, we dread that the situation could go out hand, an official monitoring the situation said.

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