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Continuance of pandemic encourages Pharma Units to go for Corona related Drugs says VSEZ Chief.


UAC Meeting of this month is dominated by Pharmaceutical broad banding proposals, whereas no new unit has come to be set up in VSEZ due to the continuing pandemic in the Country, Says A R M Reddy, the Development Commissioner. The Unit Approval Committee (UAC) of VSEZ, at Visakhapatnam, chaired by its Development Commissioner has convened a WebEx meeting for SEZs and EOUs of AP, from its Administrative Building at Duvvada.

The UAC in its meeting accorded approvals for various pharma units located in AP viz Reddy’s Labs, Lee pharma, Divis Labs at Bheemili, Esai Pharma in Ramky SEZ, Salora in APSEZ and Hetero drugs at Nakkapalli, Aurobindo for broad banding and enhancing their capacities. Eisai Pharma is also approved to go for the trading of Zonisamide of 1000 Kg.

Dr Reddy’s Srikakulam will make 1.95 mi. tabs of various doses of Gastro-resistant medicines for export worth Rs 28.83 Cr. Divis Labs, has also sought for broad banding of a number of nutraceuticals related to animal health, coloring agents and will have annual capacities of 69 MTs and will achieve Net Foreign Exchange (NFE) of Rs. 122 Cr in the next 5 years. UAC also approved the proposal of Hetero Drugs to make sodium zirconium Cyclosilicate 100 Kgs a hematology-related drug. Aurobindo in Naidupeta in AP will make 2.1 mi. tablets of Guaifenesin and Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride.

Lee Pharma, Reddy’s Lab in Duvvada are approved to make covid related drugs such as Doxycycline, Favipiravir, Esomeprazole, Paracetamol of 14 lakh tablets, Diazepam and Lacosamidise of 1.2 lakh injections of various doses. Divis Labs is accorded approval for making 150 MTs of Vitamin D2 (nutraceuticals) to earn NFE of Rs 244 Cr. Divis is also approved to go for enhancing their capacities in making animal Feed like Astapet and Astafeed to the tune of 1020 MT, and will export them to Europe to earn NFE of Rs.1250 Cr.

Salora Pharma in APSEZ is approved for making Intermediate for Molnupravir a Covid drug to the tune of 240 MT costing Rs 336 Cr and Favipiravir of 180 MT a covid drug costing around Rs. 990 Cr. Laurus labs will make a number of Medicines related to Covid and other Diabetic problems for Test and analysis purposes and will go for commercial production in the next 3 years.

DC, VSEZ said that, during 2020-21, the exports made from VSEZ, were to the tune of Rs1,13, 975 Cr and recorded a growth in exports of 14.05% so far. This FY the exports were to the tune of Rs 20172 Cr in Q1 with a growth of 21% and the contribution of pharma is Rs 4240 Cr. The Growth will improve says Mr Reddy if the Pandemic is kept under control.

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