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Countries that may become superpowers


Saudi Arabia

It is the 12th largest country in the world and is the second richest country in terms of natural resources. This kingdom has huge oil and natural gas reserved worth an astonishing 34.4 trillion dollars. Being a member of OPEC, the organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries, Saudi Arabia has a considerable influence over the global supply of petroleum and its prices.

It is financially and politically strong on account of its natural resources. Over the years the Saudis have added more capacity to its military arsenal, with spending that exceeds all other nations apart from America, China, and Russia. The 2015 tiff with Yemen was an example of the Saudi military power and also its capacity to influence its allies. Saudi Arabia is becoming a defining power in the region and can potentially become a global superpower.


Iran is the second middle eastern country that has the potential to be the next superpower. It has the world’s second-largest gas reserves after Saudi Arabia with 33.6 trillion cubic meters and is the third-largest producer of gas in the world. It is OPEC’s second-largest oil exporters and is an energy superpower.

Iran spent most of the 1980s in conflict with neighboring Iraq, and after the 2003 American –Iraq tiff, Iran has looked to profit from it. It serves to bring Iraq’s vast oilfields under direct or indirect Iranian control. This would increase Iran’s power and influence in middle-east and across the world. Iran also has an advanced nuclear program and an increasingly hi-tech military.


With an increasing change in climate, the world will turn to Canada for its natural resources. Canada has an abundance of renewable freshwater, oil, and natural gas, an expected increase in arable land, and plenty of space for people to live and gives it an edge in the war against global warming. Many experts believe that climate change could turn Canada into a global superpower.

Another reason is that Canada’s government has been ranked as one of the least corrupt in the world, which gives it an advantage over other countries like the US. Canada’s high-quality institutions, universal health care, and less controversial economic policies like a low corporate tax rate give Canada the stability and public trust necessary to claim a leadership role in global affairs.


Defeated in the second world war, Japan laid in ruins for some time. But the U.S. wanted to use Japan as a palisade to fight communism in the east. Japan’s high valued and ferocious work ethics and also financial aid from the U.S made it stand up again. By the 1990s, it possessed the world’s second-biggest economy. The Japanese are in a strong position to become a leading participant as it is investing heavily in space programs and other scientific endeavors.

With its significant economic strike and exceptionally high levels of technology to compete. The ability to potentially destroy, disrupt, or capture satellites belonging to rival powers, or attack targets on the ground from orbit, would be a major strategic advantage. Control of space might prove to be as important to the potential superpowers of the twenty-first century as naval strength was to the great powers of the previous centuries.


Russia has a tumultuous history of rising and fall as a superpower. Russia has one of the highest military budgets in the world. A significant chunk of Ukraine, once part of the Soviet Union, has again been gobbled up. With the NATO alliance in decline, the Baltic States such as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania fear they might face the same fate. Meanwhile, Russia feels confident enough to order the poising of dissidents ostensibly under the protection of powers such as Great Britain, seemingly without any great fear of reprisal.

Russia is still heavily dependent on oil, and its economy is plagued by corruption. However, it is still one of only five nations with the power of veto on the United Nations Security Council, and the Russians still have claws in the form of the world’s largest arsenals of nuclear weapons. It’s entirely plausible that Russia might reclaim its place as a 21st-century superpower.


Brazil is a BRIC national along with Russia, China, and India. Brazil is the fifth country in the world and the third-largest in the Americas. This South American country has been a target of poverty and income inequality. The level of inequality is such that the six richest people in Brazil have a combined wealth higher than the poor 100 million.

Keeping aside the wealth issue, Brazil is blessed with vast natural resources. Brazil has around 30 % of the world’s remaining rain forests and resources such as Nickel, Manganese, Copper, Bauxite, and Timber. Since the discovery of the Tupi oil field, which contains an estimated billion barrels and other offshore oil fields, Brazil can be seen joining the ranks of the world’s major oil exporter.


It is predicted that by 2025, India will replace China as the most populous nation. India has the largest and youngest workforce in the world. Because of its population, its economy will have overtaken the US economy by 2050. Indi is surrounded by China on one side and Pakistan on the other. Pakistan and India has mostly been at war, however, India now has a military strength that is powerful, enough to fight the neighboring foes. The Indian military boasts a nuclear arsenal of around one-hundred warheads and has the capability to launch them from land, sea, and air.

Two aircraft carriers, with a third, is under construction, which means that India is one of the few nations capable of projecting significant military force almost anywhere across the globe. The increasing strength of India’s economy, military capabilities, and fledgling space program is backed up by soft power. The national is home to more billion-dollar start-up businesses than everywhere except the United States of America and China. And it’s Bollywood film industry produces more films and sells more tickets than America’s Hollywood.

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