‘COVID-19’ a lesson to the mankind indeed


Earth comprises of everything to fulfill a man’s needs but not his greed. In order to satisfy humans greed, the superpowers of the world are trying to compete in making nuclear weapons and other advancements. But none of the countries are able to find a medicine/treatment to battle a deadly virus. This virus has killed thousands of people, forced countries to declare emergencies and has brought a halt in a common man’s life. This reminds us of the adage, “As you sow, so shall you reap”- COVID-19 has taught us many lessons.
Looking at an individual’s point of view, one has no option of Birth and Death in the BCD of life where B stands for Birth, C for choice, and D for Death. But every individual has a ‘Choice’ on how to lead life. The most important choice everyone should try to inculcate is the principle of “Live and Let Live.” In a simple meaning, it means that you live happily and let all other living things live in harmony. Lesson one, learnt!
1) Importance of family
Home is where the heart and comfort is and one is secure with one’s own family. No matter what happens, how bad the situation may get, family can never say a ‘No’. Covid-19 has brought family together and has taught on the need to spend quality time with near and dear ones. Family is the place where life starts and love never fades. Being a part of the family means you are truly blessed. Family is a support system for life. Despite knowing that fact, we continue to inherit the western culture of being independent. At a point in life, most of the young aspirants wish to study abroad and live an independent life. Freedom becomes a fantasy and they think that they can lead a happy independent life. Sadly, this is not the reality and according to findings and few statistics, it’s learnt that most of these young aspirants are prone to depression. At that moment, they forget the values, ethics drawn from the family. This Corona virus has taught us to be home, give importance to family, spread cheer and take care of each other. During a crisis, only one’s family comes to a rescue. It has taught us the meaning of ‘Oneness’.
2) Healthy lifestyle
At a time when diseases are taking away lives of people, living a healthy lifestyle is very crucial. There should be a balance between physical and mental health. Every individual should strengthen his immune system in order to fight against a virus or any other health hazard. According to a WHO report, it has been recommended to increase an intake in fruits and vegetable consumption rather than meat.
Since we all know prevention is better than cure, let us all join (not literally) to combat this deadly virus by following a few steps. First, follow the norms laid by experts by socially distancing ourselves. The less you expose to the outer world, the more helpful is to the human kind. It has been proved that the spread of the virus can be contained if we all avoid public gatherings in malls, railway stations, airports, etc. Second, let us all work to boost our immune system. Now that are not pressed for time, we can concentrate on eating nutritious home cooked food, work out and meditate. Also, drink ginger tea and incorporate turmeric to your food. Ginger is a strong ingredient that contains zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium. Turmeric is an antioxidant which helps in boosting the immune system. Third, hygiene must be maintained by every individual. Make it an obsession to wash your hands and remind others to follow the same. Fourth, please do not believe in rumours and do not panic. Follow the orders of the Government and be prepared. 
3) Nature has revived back as Humans stay indoor
It feels humans are virus and Coronavirus is the vaccine and it is pretty evident with the present scenario as nature has seen major changes during this outbreak of virus. Venice- the floating city saw crystal clear waters after years. The famous canals were clear due to lack of debris from tourists and near zero boat traffic under Italy’s ongoing lockdown. The canals showed a surprising return of swans, fish and even dolphins to the city’s water. One of the Italian’s tweeted: “Boars in the middle of my hometown, dolphins in the canals, duck’s in the fountains in Rome. Air pollution levels dropped in Delhi as Air Quality Index dropped to 129 after an all time of 497 on a scale of 500. The lockdown in India to prevent COVID-19 has lowered the pollution in Delhi. Some parts of Delhi experienced fresh air for the first time as the vehicle movement decreased.
The time has come where we should change our lifestyle, act against climate change, utilize resources sustainably and be the change we want to see in this world. Remember, an individual can make a change in the world but all humans together as a team can revolutionize the world.
By P. Bhavesh Kumar Jain


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