Covid-19 Effect Paved Way for Webinars


The impact of Covid-19 has effected the education pattern. Online classes gained immense demand followed by webinars.

As of now webinars have replaced seminars as participants need not gather at a place to attend the sessions. Higher risk of virus spread through gatherings and Government restrictions regarding social and educational gatherings etc. Have lead to the option of webinars.

Webinar is nothing but the same process of conducting the sessions, speech, discussion etc by way of web. It has different benefits and has a wide scope, participants can join the webinar through the link provided to them by the respective management. As the online video conferencing apps doesn’t permit more than 100 participants, YouTube has become a platform, if the patients exceed 100 and video conferencing apps are used if participants are below 100.

Same like the seminar the webinar will also have the formal introduction, introduction speech, raising questions, power point presentations, talk on a concept or trend, vote of thanks etc. Speakers can be more than one and later after the completion of the webinar, participants are usually asked to fill the feedback form to get their participation certificates.

The pros of webinar are parctipants can be from different places and they can participate through their smart or pc etc without coming out of their place. It does not require spending of money as required seminars, as there will be spendings for organising and participants should reach the location where the seminar is held. The only need for webinar is to register using the link provided by their respective management and to login at the prescribed time using the joining link provided.

Inputs from Praveena Mandapati

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