Covid-19 has effected the livelihood of people who work for theaters


Covid-19 has effected many sectors in a massive way and millions are suffering due to the fast spreading virus, one among those are the theater workers.

With no visible clarity regarding when will the theaters would be allowed to open again, there is an other issue hidden behind it. That is will people go and watch movies in theaters in the near future if this covid-19 situation continues.

Jagadamba and its surrounding areas itself have more than 10 theatres which are providing employment to many people. These are the source of living for many as they provide direct and indirect employment.

Apart from regular staff, people who work for sticking wall posters, banners, delivery boys who supply food to canteens, workers at vehicle stands, sanitary workers etc are also effected to a major extent.

Nageswara Rao who works at one of the theaters said that he is facing a severe financial crunch, as the theaters were closed earlier than the lockdown. He also added that government has not yet clarified regarding the opening of theaters will led to dilemma among his co-workers.

Inputs from Praveena Varma


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