Covid-19 Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh to be increased

Covid-19-Hospitals-in-Andhra Pradesh-to-be-increased

Covid-19 cases in the country are set to cross 12,00,000 mark, while the cases in Andhra Pradesh are nearing 5000. State is witnessing a rise in cases which led to the need of providing better health facilities. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has directed the officials to increase the number of state level Covid-19 hospitals. Along with this he even ordered the officials to see that the frontline medical staff are not overworked, and necessary facilities are provided to them.

As the cases are recharging new heights everyday, the need for upgrading the medical facilities is also given importance. He directed them on upgrading the private hospitals along with the district level hospitals Covid-19 hospitals to provide quality treatment to the patients.

Recruitment of medical personnel for the new state level hospitals will be carried out soon.

Officials were instructed to carry out awareness campaigns regarding the precautions, steps to be taken if a person is tested positive, and to reduce the panic among the people. He said that elderly and people with comorbidities should not delay in going for treatment, and there is no need for panic, as the government is providing all the necessary facilities to provide better treatment and local authorities are available to respond within a short period of time. 

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