Covid-19: Noble Souls in the final hours


Covid-19 pandemic ignited humanity. It brought about a situation where the sick person could not be approached by family members due to the scare of infection. The lonely funerals without near and dear ones make family members grieve in silence. Corona sending shivers down the spine and questioning human relationships. At a time when the own family members disowning the dead bodies, some young people are coming forward to perform list rites of the deceased. Responding to the dire need during the Covid-19 times, the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) formed volunteers under the chairmanship of P Jagan Mohan Rao in Srikakulam are coming forward to help the officials in the cremation of persons who died of Covid-19 deaths.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, Mr. Jagan Mohan Rao said, except IRCS, nobody is daring to touch the dead body with a preconceived notion that it carries an infection. The World Health Organization says there is virtually no chance of the virus spreading from the corpse six hours after death with the coronavirus. The matter is being widely publicized by officials and doctors. But people are still getting scared off. Aware of this situation, our volunteers P Tavudu, N Umasankar, G Sathy Sundar, L Ravi Kumar, P Surya Prakash, P Chaitanya, Ch. Krishnam Raju, G Vijayababu, B Sridhar, K Sathyanarayana, G Pavan Kumar(Driver), N Koteswar Rao and others have come forward and are conducting funerals according to the traditional and expressing their humanity.

So far, we cremated 20 dead bodies related to COVID-10 and 4 ordinaries in Srikakulam. Disposing of the bodies in an inhumane way is against the Indian culture and tradition. So we are here to extend our helping hand in conducting the last rites of coronavirus victims in a dignified manner, said, Jagan Mohan Rao. Coordinator N Koteswara Rao said, if anyone situation that warrants to cremates the dead bodies related to Covid-19 or any ordinary deceased, they can call us on 8333941444. We certainly show no discrimination against any dead bodies and are ready to perform the last rites.

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