Covid-19 warrior Ravikanth Reddy shares his experiences with Hello Vizag


Ravikanth Reddy from the city who tested positive for Covid-19 shares his experiences with Hello Vizag during the quarantine period. Ravikanth suffered with one day fever followed by one day cold which was followed by 3-4 days of loss of smelling sense. The symptoms started on June 26 and the samples were collected on July 2.

Speaking on the isolation experience from July 6, Ravikanth who is the founder of MEECONS, Vizag, said, “At a personal level, being in isolation didn’t make much of a difference, as I was able to do my daily fitness, do a little office work and also personal work. Of course, I missed my family members, especially my daughter. The isolation facility had allowed anything we want to carry except cooked food. So took help from office and friends to get all needful things to keep myself healthy – a kettle, steamer, extension box, turmeric, salt, fruits etc. My company Fluentgrid Limited helped in providing us safe drinking water.”

Sharing his experiences during the isolation, Ravikanth who was placed at AP Tribal Welfare School (For Boys) said that they faced a few difficulties. From day two, they started demanding for rectifying the issues and had also submitted a letter regarding water, food and medicines to officials. In 3-4 days, food became better and eventually all were given bottled drinking water. When it came to sanitation, the premises was cleaned once in a day, including the washrooms. The patients used to clean the area around their beds and entrance of hall, as no one came to clean it during their stay there.

“In the initial days, cleanliness and hygiene was good. As the days went by, the number of people increased and the walk ways where we used to walk became crowded. Some people didn’t even bother to wear mask, even though we kept on telling. A few reckless people used to spit openly. So, it become terrible towards the end. Our (some people) basic tests – X-ray, ECG and blood tests were not done. Everyday, a doctor used to come and check us in the morning. Those who had symptoms used to express and the doctor used to provide medication accordingly. We also felt a little safe there initially as we had few only and that too with mild symptoms or no symptoms. I am sure if all the people there followed the hygiene and good practices, it would have been good throughout the stay,” stated the young Covid-19 survivor.

A few gaps in the system that Ravikanth shared were; 1. No co-ordination between medical centres, 2. Negative people not being shared results and not up to the mark facilities.

Fighting the crisis requires good immunity as well as positive thinking. Through walking, meditation, Yoga and other activities, Ravikanth ensured his day is engaged and filled with activity. He said, “One thing that was lacking from the facility perspective was counselling. I believe that whatever be the circumstances, whether we are happy or peaceful, it is in our hands. So, I tried to stick with that belief and stayed positive always.”

“One bizzare experience was we found a snake in one of the bathrooms – a bronze keel back (non-venomous) snake. None of us were trained to catch them. We still gave it a try, but didn’t work out, so they had to kill it eventually. I realized, had I learned snake rescue along with my other friends who do it, I would have saved a snake that day,” shared Ravikanth.

Adding that Ravikanth saw a few doctors who have been very patient and committed in this time of crisis, he said that all of us must ensure that we always wear a mask to avoid viral load from others. Keep your place and things clean. Ensure you maintain a routine and follow all things you can do keep your fitness and immunity good.

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