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Covid restrictions take a backseat in Visakhapatnam


Despite the imposition of curfew and repeated warnings by the official machinery not to venture out of the homes unless there was an emergency, there was no change in the attitude of the people of Vizag, which registered 2,107 corona cases.

Majority of the cases reported from the urban areas like one town area, Akkyyapalem, Gopalapatnam, Muralinagar, Gajuwaka, MVP Colony and Railway new colony. It was noticed that the people were falling prey to the pandemic even before the corona test results were declared. Though the situation was so worse, the people were moving on the streets not wearing a mask and maintaining a physical distance.

In Rythu Bazars at Eenadu and Narasimha Nagar and MVP Colony, people are behaving like everything is normal without following social distance. The same situation is at grocery stores in Poorna market or in other shops in the city limits. All this and more is happening due to the mini lockdown, all businesses must be shut down from 12 pm to 6 am. Ignoring the curfew norms, people were flocking in groups during these hours.

One could not find a space even to walk on the Akkyyapalem road and 104 area during the peak hours from 10 to 12 noon. It was an ample example of how the situation has gone worst and how people were least bothered about the corona guidelines. The police and the municipal officials were striving hard to control the spreading of the coronavirus. Their hard work was proved to be wasted during these two hours.

During the initial days of the second wave of the corona, the police used to slash fines against those who failed to wear a mask. Now, these practices were not seen. Speaking to Hello Vizag, K Rama Rao, octogenarian, resident of BS Layout said “It was not the responsibility of the government alone, everyone should impose self-restrictions to keep the corona at bay. People should wear a mask and maintain physical distance even during the hours of curfew relaxation.

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